Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am officially declaring myself DONE with ice and snow for the season!!  After taking almost 10 minutes just to get from the front door to the car,  I backed out to go to work.  Unfortunately I never got there.  While backing up in the thick ice, my car slid and landed in an icy, snowy snow bank!!!

I tried everything--to no avail.  Finally I gave up and went inside to call the auto club.  They said they'd send a tow anywhere from 1-4 hours!!!!!!  Thank goodness I got stuck at home and not on a busy road!!!!.  Well, now it's almost 2pm and I've JUST been rescued (thanks to the tow truck guy, JJ!).  He said he gets calls for the same problem several times a day!  Imagine that?!

In the meantime, i'v been meaning to get around to posting this week's Flaunt It Friday project since last weekend---and here it is at long last!  The challenge was to use the "Indie Art"  Lips on a design.  I don't have that cart, but the Hannah Montana cart has  some great cuts on it, and one of them is a lipstick lip print.  I decided to use that on a Valentine's Day card.
I have a couple of other projects to post this week, but this is it for now.  I really liked this Bo-Bunny paper for the lips, because it has almost a comic book look to it that I thought was cute!

Well--off I go to spread another layer of ice melt on the driveway and front walk.  Stay safe everyone!


  1. I am sorry to read your issues with snow/ice, I don't like cold weather and I just thanks that I live in a country with no snow.
    Great take on the FIF's challenge, you did a nice card out of that cut.
    Thanks for share it with us at Flaunt it Friday!

  2. Sorry about all of your car troubles. I hope it warms up soon for you. This is such a pretty card. I just wanted to come over and visit your blog since you came to visit mine. Have a great day!

  3. Winter is the bane of my existence, so I commiserate with all the car/ ice troubles! What a great project! The lips are just perfect and I love the patterned paper :) Way to flaunt it... thanks for joining us over at FIF this week.

    michelle (FIF DT)

  4. What a day for you! We've been getting snow here too, but so far nothing that bad. Glad to hear you are all dug out now! Your card is just great, I love those lips...didn't even realize that Hannah Montana had them on there. Thanks for flaunting it with us at FIF!!

  5. Your card is super cute! I have the HM cart and I didn't even know there was lips on that cart! Thanks for flaunting it at FIF!