Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Simple Cricut GIFT TAGS--Nothing Fancy

With Christmas just a few days away, I knew I'd need multiple gift tags in the house for family members as I wrapped gifts...nothing too fancy...just a way to keep organized during wrapping and unwrapping!  Cricut to the rescue!
On my Gypsy, I welded each person's name in a few different fonts.  Then I filled in a page with tags--one rectangle and one round ornament tag page.  I dropped the names into the tags and voila!  Name tags.  I used the letters AND the negative space so that I got double the number of tags in the end.
Finally, I needed 4 HUGE tags for some BIG boxes.  So I cut each name to be 12 inches long and mounted each on background paper to create a tag.
Here's the result:

This is the first batch.  Lettering from Cindy Loo, Hello Kitty Font, Mickey Font, & Cuttin' Up Cartridges.

Here's the next batch.  Cartridges: Blackletter, Don Juan, Songbird, & Mickey Font

Here's a closer look at some of the outlining and doodling I did to jazz it up a pinch:

I also added some dashed line "stitching" marks around some of the tags and/ or lettering:

Last, but not least, I fashioned a quick gift certificate out of the Hannah Montana Cartridge, using 2 of the fonts and some stars.  All cuts were made on white card stock, then mounted on patterned paper and layered onto another piece of card stock.

Well, that completes my first blog share of a project.  No time for the fancy stuff...Holidays start the day after tomorrow!!!   I hope you are all remembering to savor your family time this week.  It seems like we spend so much time and energy preparing to enjoy our families, that it's easy to miss out on the everyday family joys that are available to us.  Don't miss out!

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